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   Once again, the Trainee system proved to be the worst forms of exploitation of migrant workers.
Once again, the Trainee system proved to be the worst forms of exploitation of migrant workers.

Four Filipino migrant workers working at Myeong Kyeong Company, processing raw meat complained to KASAMMAKo and to the Migrant Trade Union regarding their inhuman condition in the factory.

Richard, Emerson, Wowwie and Rizaldi all from the Philippines working as trainee claimed that since they started working in the Company, they were at first work for only 10 hours. But as the time passes, they are being obliged by the company to work 20 hours from 8 o’clock AM until 6 o’clock AM the following day continuously. And in many cases, their overtime compensation is reduced despite their long working hours.

In order to change their situation, they ask and requested their employers a dozen times that they cannot work that long and they also need time to have enough rest and recover their strength. The Employer of the Myeong Kyeong Company, promised to make changes on their work schedules but nothing has been done since. The four Filipino Migrant workers have repeatedly expressed their request and complaints in many cases but to avail.

At the same time they also have communicated with their recruitment agency, DAHLZHEN International Services Incorporated through its Agent Mr. Jun Sevilla with the same requests and complaints but the Agent Mr. Sevilla just repeatedly keep on saying that he will make a dialogue with trainee’s employer. He just kee on saying and promising to instruct his secretary to call the employer of the Myeong Kyeong company.

Richard, one of the Trainee worker, said that after working in the company in the inhuman condition, he has lost weights and has been loosing weight and is now very skinny. He claimed that they signed a contract and came to Korea to work but, worries  that his health or even his life will be jeopardized because of their condition in the factory.

Later the four Filipino Migrant workers went to the Philippine Embassy seek assistance, and aired their grievances. At first the embassy just listed and documented their complaints, but later they were being insulted by the embassy personnel and blamed for running away from the Company. The four migrants, said that, they did not run away from the company. They just came to the embassy to seek assistance, They were even disgusted they way the embassy officers treated them. All they want is to ask the embassy to help them so that can transfer to another company since the Myeong Kyeong Company is obliging them long working hours and the DAHLZHEN Agency have repeatedly neglected their grievances.

“We are not machines, We are human being, we can no longer stand be treated like this. We are seeking justice”. Said by the four trainee Migrant workers. We only want to be transferred to another company so we can earn decently for our families.”, they added.

“We are even threatened by the DAHLZHEN Agency that we will be deported. In fact the DAHLZHEN Agency have lied to the workers over and over. First the four workers were told that they have already been reported to the immigration as runaway for merely seeking assistance from the Embassy. But later, the Agency is asking them to return to work for the next two month promised to be transferred later. How came they are already been reported to the Immigration as run away as the agency told them, then later they are being asked to work for the next 2 moth. The Agency lied about them being reported to the immigration, how will they believe that they will be transferred after two month.

According to KASAMMAKO representative, Mark Padlan this is an explosive truth about the trainee system. The four migrants workers just wanted to change their inhuman situation and working condition. But instead of addressing their grievances, they receive threat and insults instead. They are the victims, How came they are being blamed? There is something wrong here! The Philippine Embassy and the Korean Government should do something to address this situation. Otherwise, more and more migrants will suffer the same or even worst consequences. And we have nothing else to blame but the exploitative Trainee System, The Philippine Embassy, and the implementor of such system.

Evidently, the increasing incidence of abuse exploitation and human rights violation against foreign workers is placing the Korean Government in a defensive mode as long as the Exploitative System of employment exist”, concluded by KASAMMAKo.

   Once again, the Trainee system proved to be the worst forms of exploitation of migrant workers.

   Asan Migrant Festival 10th. Sept. 2006 12:00 close to KTX Railway Station

Asan Sarang Nanum

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