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   Good story of Miss HUH from Iksan
The story of Miss Huh.

This Saturday Miss Huh was together with me and she told about her story with Miss Vasa from Thailand. It is really a very secret story, but it is necessary to be known by everybody in Korea, so that the police and the immigration officer do not think only, that the Migrantworkers are all bad peoples.

Around 9 months ago, there was a young beautiful girl came to her office, she could speak English and stay always in a small Motel in Iksan close to Wonkwang University, everyday her Boss Mr. Shin picked her up and around 2 months later, her Boss asked her to accompany Miss Vasa to go to a medical doctor and to translate her.

She was very schocked after she heard the story of Miss Vasa from Thailand. Vasa came to Korea to smuggled 400 Karat of  rough diamonds inside her BH, one week later Mr. Shin has sent US $ 130.000 to her Boss in Bangkok to pay that rough diamonds, and he gave also US $ 13.000 to Miss Vasa as a living cost in Iksan Motel. But every 2 or 3 days Mr. Shin has raped her, and after that he bought some medicament for Miss Vasa, but that medicament was a medicament to increase her sexual desire, and around 3 months after that  she got a big pain inside her vagina and she went with Miss Huh to the woman hospital.

After the therapy of Miss Vasa, Miss Huh knew that Miss Vasa was pregnant, and Miss Huh told that to Mr. Shin via his Cellular phone 018 614 1969 and after that Miss Vasa has never seen her again. Recently Miss Vasa sent a letter to her from Bangkok that she has got a baby boy in Bangkok without any address, she said also thanks that Miss Huh has released her from her big troubles in Iksan.

Miss Huh also told me that Mr. Shin Woo Shig is a Professor of the Wonkwang University for design, development and Nano Technology of Gems Jewelry, such story has never announced by the Migrant Trade Union because Miss Vasa from Thailand was not noticed as a Migrantworker, she came to Korea just a tourist. It is not just “a copy left”, but we must help Miss Vasa who does not know the right law in Korea. A Professor of a good University has made such good problem, smuggle the rough diamonds, cut the rough diamonds using the equipments of Wonkwang University, and sell all of the diamond for Won 7.000.000 each Karat, that means totally 300 X 7.000.000 = Won after they are cut completely, he become a very rich man even he looks like a poor man,  where nobody know it before. Who is real bad person? There is no migrantworker did such bad affairs in Korea.

   Wonkwang University Professor has raped many girls

Roger Kyauw

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