2011. 11

ILO Governing Body recommended


(a) The Committee urges the Government to refrain from any measures which might involve a risk of serious interference with trade union activities and might lead to the arrest and deportation of trade union leaders for reasons related to their election to trade union office. It requests the Government to enforce the decision of the Administrative Court cancelling all punitive measures until a final judgement has been rendered, including by granting the renewal of Mr Catuira’s residence permit. The Committee requests the Government to submit detailed information on the current status of Mr Catuira’s work permit in reply to the complainant’s communication of 28 September 2011 and any other information related to this case.

(b) The Committee expresses its firm expectation that the Government will proceed with the registration of the MTU without delay, and supply full particulars in relation to this matter.

(c) The Committee once again requests the Government to ensure that the Committee’s conclusions, particularly those concerning the freedom of association rights of migrant workers, are submitted for the Supreme Court’s consideration and to provide a copy of the Supreme Court’s decision once it is handed down.

(d) The Committee once again requests the Government to undertake an in-depth review of the situation concerning the status of migrant workers in full consultation with the social partners concerned, so as to fully ensure and safeguard the fundamental rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining of all migrant workers, whether in a regular or irregular situation and in conformity with freedom of association principles, and to prioritize dialogue with the social partners concerned as a means to find negotiated solutions to the issues faced by these workers. The Committee requests to be kept informed of the progress made in this regard.


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