www.workerscenter.org On this December 18, International Migrants' Day, the Vermont Workers' Center stands in full and militant solidarity with the Migrants' Trade Union in their struggle for the release of Anwar Hossain, and for justice for all migrant workers.  We deplore the unlawful, immoral and shameful detention of MTU's president, Anwar Hossain, and demand that the Korean government grant him full release.  Furthermore, we are appalled that Korea's National Human Rights Commission is failing to stand up for human rights in this matter, and we demand that the KNHRC take no action against the courageous protestors occupying the KNHRC
offices, and instead live up to their mission and take action to secure the release of Anwar Hossain.

As an organization of working people, we know that the struggle for justice is the same throughout the world, and that working people must stand together against the oppression we face from bosses and governments.  In our struggles we take inspiration from and are made strong by the courageous struggles of workers from around the world, and our victories are made sweeter by the hope that we can lend inspiration and strength to all other workers.  On International Migrants' Day, we offer our solidarity to the MTU.  An injury to one is an injury to all, and a victory for one is a victory for all.  May the MTU be victorious in their struggle, and may their victory inspire the rest of us in our struggles!