Hi again, hmmm! You are wrong, only a small minority of small-minded Koreans like you hate foreigners. Most Koreans are warm-hearted, respect foreigners as fellow human beings, and enjoy the different viewpoints and cultural diversity that foreigners bring to Korea.

On the other hand, hmmm. I suspect that even YOUR MOTHER doesn't welcome YOU.

>>1588-7191 불법체류자 신고전화 번호 입니다
>>주위에서 불법체류를 하는 범법자를 보시면 이리로 연락하세요 금방 출입국직원들이 범죄자를 체포하러 갑니다,,불법체류자는 걍 범법자입니다 내국인도 범법을 저지르면 체포되듯이 불법체류자들은 용가리 통뼈가 아닙니다,
>>참고로 저는 지금까지 10명정도 신고해서 추방했습니다,
>>앞으로도 저는 제 눈에 보이는 불법체류 범법자들은 알자 없이 그자리에서 신고할것입니다
>>우리국민의 일자리를 보호하기 위해서라도
>To the immigration cop that obviously wrote this:
>You say that migrant workers are stealing korean's jobs...are Koreans willing to work under the conditions that migrant workers do? No. The low-paying 3D factory jobs that they work in are not ones that Koreans want. Ask any factory boss that  employs migrant workers and he will tell you that his business depends on these workers. Without them, many businesses would go bankrupt. Have you ever thought about the tens of thousands of Koreans living overseas, many of whom are also "illegal" who are supporting their families in Korea? Do you think that they should be treated with the same contempt  and hatred that you obviously have?  Someone that you love or respect is probably overseas right now. Do you want them to be victimized by poisonous racism, the same hatred that you are poisoning the world with?
>You are a small minded pathetic person and I don't know how you can even bear to look at yourself in the mirror.