Following a testimony by a former detainee in Mok-dong:

I still have SERIOUS health problem because of detention. Its
especially bad, because of detention in detention room, that
absolutely not capable for ~5months.
I lost about 6kg of muscular weight. I can't run at all. I can't go
fast. I have big difficulty to go upstairs. I have problem with
breathing (muscular problem seems to be).
I have SERIOUS problem with my back. I have pain when just sitting on a chair.


I several times asked to make normal health examination. But
immigration officers pushed hospital to check "life treating symptoms".

On August 12, 2005 I had very serious muscular pain and problems with breathing.
The (guards and) officers ignored my appeals to go to hospital about 30 minutes. At
about 14:00, after 10 minutes of hitting gate by aluminum bowl, the
officers informed me that they will send me to hospital "later". Finally
they put me to the car with 3 (!) officers and 2 guards and arrived to
hospital at ~17:00.
There they did not visit any physician, but put me to emergency.
Emergency did just blood and urine test ("within the limits") and
checked lungs by x-ray. That was all.
They told me that if I have to check other symptoms I have to visit
doctors in working time.

On August 13, 2005, about 9:30 I called the officers again. They
ABSOLUTELLY rejected all my appeals to go to hospital.
I started to hit grates, but there was no reaction at all. Finally I broke
several plastic glasses and started to hit grates directly into the guard뭩
room. Officers just recorded everything on DV-cam and ignored my
appeals to go to hospital.

Then one officer asked me to wear my clothes, get my stuff and go to the
guard room. There they start to put on me in handcuffs (as usually before
hospital). But at the time all members of the shift (for example senior officer Mr. Kang
Jeong Su) attacked me, put me on the flour, put handcuffs on the hands
behind my back and on the legs. I even did' not resisted!

Than somebody sit on me, other peoples several times hit me by feet to
my head and to my back.

Mr. Kang stricter handcuffs very tide to the pain everywhere. Then
during more that 2 hours he ignored all my appeals to release
handcuffs even just little and just answered that "he can't speak
English". In the end of this torture I didn't fill my hands and legs.
Mr. Kang just told me "it is not dangerous" (seems to be he is
experienced man).

About 11:30AM after my words, that I will sign "everything what he
wants", he removed handcuffs
on the legs, released little on the hands
and allowed me to visit toilet. After this I wrote statement. This
statement saying: I have to leave detention because officers rejected
my appeals to visit hospital. I signed this statement also in Russian
language "under torture".

This entire story was filmed by surveillance system. A lot of moments
filmed on officers DV camera, Digital photo camera and even on
phone-cameras of children-guard. This entire story was seen by all
shifts (a lot of witness). Also witnesses are many detainees.
Than officer put me to the "room N2" (small room usually used for sick
peoples as isolator). I was in
this room one day in handcuffs. On August 14, officer of other shift
had released me. But on Monday, August 15 at morning Mr. Kang put me
back to the cell for "5 days". He strictly prohibited to use phone(...).
During all this time officers about 15 times asked
me to write new statements without mentioning of my health. They also
asked my to sign papers that I wont to cancel ALL cases!

In the beginning of August I submitted a statement to the National Human Right Commission (NHRC) that I
in hostage in Immigration bureau in order to push me to cancel cases
by destroying my health. Finally on August 20, when I already 6
days rejected food, one NHRC officer visited me.

Probably after this IB (I think he means the immigration office/ministry of justice)
decided to stop this hostage and to allow me to go to Thailand.