To support the struggle of MTU in general and y'day's demo(*) in particular an American-Korean group (Nodutdol) delivered following solidarity letter:

"To the workers of Migrants Trade Union,

We at Nodutdol for Korean Community Development write this letter to express solidarity with migrant workers in South Korea.

We are an organization based in Queens, NY, working towards the unification of the Korean peninsula, as well end to imperialist policies of the US.

It has been one year since the tragedy at Yeosu detention center took lives of detained migrant workers in South Korea.  
Instead of showing remorse and taking responsibility for what happened, the South Korean state has instead increased repression of migrant workers' rights, signified in imprisonment and deportation of elected leaders of MTU.

As South Korean economy grows and attracts more migrant workers to do its dirty work, the South Korean state should do its best to protect the workers that are traveling from far away to take on the work that Koreans are not willing to.  Instead it has reinforced and even created racist attitudes towards migrant workers, and also violated international standards for basic human rights.

We have held a candlelight vigil to remember the victims of the Yeosu fire tragedy in Queens, NY.  As part of diasporic and transnational Korean community, we also call on the Korean government to own up to the responsibility of protecting ALL WORKERS in South Korea, especially those of migrant workers who in the past have been made vulnerable by racist policies of South Korea.  The malice and negligence displayed by the South Korean government towards migrant workers is not acceptable anywhere, and is a shameful disgrace to Korean communities abroad.

Organizers Committee
Nodutdol for Korean Community Development"

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