How Many More?
 The Osan Migrant Center, The Migrant Trade Union (MTU) Osan branch and the Katipunan ng mga Samahang Migranteng Manggagawa sa Korea (KASAMMA-KO) Strongly condemn the negligence of this government regarding the rights and welfare of the Migrant workers that resulted to the death of the ten migrant workers and leaving eighteen more in critical conditions at the hospital. This tragic accident happened at Yeuso Immigration Detention Center on the 11th day of February 2007. Our deep condolences and sympathies to the families of the victims
 Since October last year the immigration department of the Ministry of Justice  made a lot of  arrests, there are so many migrants who are now in the hospital  undergone an operation, in this crackdown even the pregnant are not spared, that was how inhumane these government particularly the arresting officers, some officers even used discrimination and verbal abuse.
But no less than the government  affirmed that the illegal migrants are booming surpassing the illegal more that the previous year because the current  Employment Permit System is just like the old Trainee System that  served only the interest of the capitalist and neglecting  the welfare and the human rights of the migrant workers.
It is not easy to comprehend why the numbers of illegal are booming, the current system both the Employment Permit System (EPS) and the Industrial Technical Trainee (ITT) system is not serving the migrant workers.  It is not secret that the workers belong to Employment Permit System cannot transfer easily to other company if they don't have good reason, even though they are experiencing difficulties, but when the company don't want the migrant workers they can easily dumped them. This is the story behind the booming of illegal migrants leaving them with no choice than to work illegally because of the debt that they left back home. This system is also applied to the Industrial Technical Trainee system.
If   the government can only open their eyes and ears this tragic accident would not be happened. How many more migrants would they want to die before they realized that illegal arrest, detention and deportation is not the solution to eliminate the undocumented migrant workers in Korea.
Stop the Crackdown; Legalized the Migrant Workers and Implement the Working Permit System is the solution of this problem. If the government really wants to see the rights and welfare of the migrant workers they should listen to the migrant Workers
We demand the just compensation for the victims and the public apology of the Responsible people
Stop Crackdown
 Legalize All Migrant Workers
 Implement Working Permit System
 February 11.2007