Good Day!!!

     I'm a brother of one Domestic Helper there in Hongkong. I heard a news that she was detained there for overstay violation. But I guess it's the fault of her employer because the employer was experiencing finnacial insufficiency that time when my sister was already one month before her finished contract. The employer just payed her during the last few month with the phone of the wife of her boss. And after that finnancial difficulty her bosses decided to give her a 1 month vacation in the Philippines but only the plane ticket was given to her. In that time my sister stayed in the flat of her friend to let the 1 month pass. But after one month she just been informed that she was already terminated and the employer didn't allow her to enter the flat. So, my sister didn't have a chance to explain or even to get her personal things. until she was caugth by the immigration and now being detained for already more than a month. I want to help my sister but I don't know what to do. Until now we never had any information about my sister. Her phone can't be contacted until now. Please help me. Just tell me what to do.Thank You Very much... My sisters' name is Marilyn M. Belza.