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The Event for New MTU Members and

Migrant Labourers Moved to Korea

Korean migrants numbered over seven hundred thousand labourers. After Korean government implemented a work-permit system, a number of people from various countries, Nepal, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mongolia and so on, have moved to Korea. Migrant Trade Union(MTU) has allowed all of the migrant labourers as MTU members regardless of countries and visa since its founding. Last year, lots of migrant labourers joined in MTU through several assemblies against new EPS rules

At the start of the new year, MTU prepared this event for migrant labourers and new MTU members. The event is made up of two sections; The first section is a lecture under the title "What migrant labourers must know; the Labor Standard Act, the minimum wage, etc." Moreover, MTU will allow you some time for questions and answers after the lecture. In the following section, MTU will show a movie enjoyed by everyone, some migrant labourers will do their own traditional dance and sing.

On that day, especially, you can enjoy many meaningful events and have a good dinner with only 5,000 won! All MTU wants is for you to be there.

○ 일시 (Date/Time) : Feb 11 (Mon) 2 p.m. ~ 6 p.m. 2월 11일 (일) 오후 2시 ~ 6시

○ 장소 (Place) : the 2nd floor of the KCTU office (민주노총 서울본부 2층)

: You can take a subway line no.3 or no.6 (지하철 3,6호선)

: Please get off at the Bul-Gwang station exit no.2 (불광역 2번 출구)

○ 행사 (Program) :

- Education on "What migrant labourers must know"

- Traditional dancing and singing of Migrant labourers

- A movie enjoyed by everyone

○ 참가비 (Entrance Fee) :

- You can have some food and drinks with only 5,000 won!