Source of the docu: 이주노동자방송국

Before yesterday once again a MTU(Migrant Workers Trade Union) rally and demonstration took the streets of Seoul to express their oppositon against the EPS, the daily policy of crackdown and for the struggle for legalization of migrant workers in S. Korea. Among migrant workers, activists from KCTU, Democratic Labour Party, their youth organization "All Together", activists from the people who are defending their homes(against the government and construction mafia/전절연, see the 2nd pic) and even from Australia partizipated. A report in Korean you can read here: '단속추방중단,노동권 쟁취,전면합법화' 이주노동자대회 이주노조와 시민사회단체연대회의 등 참여, 고용허가제 실시 2년을 규탄해

Source of the pics: 다함께

More pictures you can see here: http://migrantsinkorea.net/webbs/view.php?board=migphoto&id=102&page=1 and here: [8.13]'고용허가제 2년', 단속추방 중단·노동권 쟁취·전면합법화를 위한 이주노동자 대회 ("All Together"/다함께). A kind of picture story about the event you can see here.