January 27, 2006,

His Excellency King Gaynendra:

My organization, the Migrants' Trade Union of Korea (MTU), has been made aware of the increasingly brutal and repressive conditions for trade unionists and democracy activists throughout Nepal. We are deeply concerned about the Royal government's imposed curfew in Kathmandu valley that restricts the free movement of Nepalese people, as well as their right to assembly. We believe that this curfew will on bring on more violence and cause further political turmoil in this region. We admonish the Royal government to lift this curfew and engage with the people, rather than the further militarization of the region and the supression of the popular movements for democracy.

Furthermore, we demand that you stop the brutal attacks on democracy activists, which includes their murder and arrest. Specifically, we demand that you release Secretary General Binod Shrestha of GEFONT, and all those who remain behind bars for fighting for democracy.