In Support to the Nepal Peoples freedom from King Gyanendra

Press Conference

Peace Park, Seoul, 2006 February 1st.

In Support to the Nepal Peoples  freedom from King Gyanendra

Restoration of democracy against oppression of common people

Place : Peace Park,  KwangwhaMun, Seoul

Date :  2006 February 1st. Am 11

Nepal is a beautiful country in South Asia with Himalayas as its crown which is now in crisis. It is situated between China and India as an independent nation. But the crisis started in 2001 with the murder of 10 members of the royal family and King Gyanendra declaring himself as an autocrat. People agitated against this autocratic regime and demanded for!

  social and democratic government with peace and justice. But they are labeled as Maoists and communists. The Asian migrant communities and like minded people in South Korea feel are pained because of this democratic disaster in one of the important nations like Nepal.

Exactly one year ago on the 1st of February 2005, the King abolished the people's parliament, banned all political parties in the country and declared an emergency. So far about 200 leaders of democratic movements, students unions, political parties and labor unions are arrested including the GEFONT leaders. The telecommunications have been cut off. Many journalists are arrested and the freedom of press is highly curbed.  The CPMCC which is the coalition of 7 parties in Nepal initiated their demonstrations in Katmandu and many other places in Nepal on 19th January demanding restoration of democracy in the country.  On 21st many people launched demonstrations but police resisted them with gas and water. People pelted stones and used sticks in the fight with the police and about fifty people were seriously injured and over 300 people were arrested and many hospitalized. On the same day in the fight between police and rebels 23 people were killed.

The Monarchy blames the demonstrators as the communists and Maoists while the demonstrators make slogans only for the exit of King and restoration of democracy. King Gyanendra is trying to escape the present critical situation by saying that the process of election will be started from February 8th and the parliament will be established by 2008. But the democratic groups have little faith in this statement

In this Press Conference we want to inform that many more will join in demonstrations against the monarchy and continue our fight inspite of many more deaths. The world nations feel that the royal family keeping total power for one full year with the help of military is a great threat for the future of democratic values in the country.

Now, the Global Peace Movement of Asia, CAW, APWSL and Asia Forum for Human Rights and Development have joined in solidarity with the labor and citizen of Nepal to expose the deprivation of democracy and oppression of the King.  We call for a wide circle of demonstration in front of Nepal Embassies in each country. We declare the 1st of February as "dark day". All journalists and the University professors in Nepal call for the day of "put down pen".

Having the similar history of oppression by the military regime and a big war and Kwangju genocide, we the South Koreans want to expose the crisis situation and support the democracy with peace and justice in Nepal.  We join the international community of peace and Human rights and expect to make a global voice while many democratic movements of Asia make an independent voice against this crisis.

On February 1st 2006 at 11 am, we meet in front of the government building around Peace Park in Kwanghamun for the press conference followed by submitting a memorandum to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Nepalese living in Korea will join with the Korean Democratic and Peace and Human Rights group to formulate an !

action plan

We believe and demand with one voice that the peace and beauty of Nepal is restored soon with its traditional history as an important social and democratic country in Asia.

Our demands and action plan -

Extending all support to Nepalese for restoration of democracy by expelling the   bad king .
Early establishment of democratically elected government.
The peace loving movements all over the world particularly in Asian countries start in all possible styles to make a common fight against the cause of Nepal.
We send our representatives to the international gatherings in Nepal to mark our solidarity and sustenance of our struggles until we achieve our goals.
The representatives of all groups extend solidarity for peace in Nepal with many slogans, press conferences, demonstrations and so on.
We also demand the government of Korea and the Indian Embassy in South Korea to establish a Desk to represent Nepal citizen in Korea.

Our Slogans:

Repeal unconstitutional royal proclamation - restore multiparty democracy in Nepal
Let the Nepalis people - Express their Voice -Enjoy their Choice
Release all political detainees in Nepal
Stop suppression of Human rights defenders, Trade unions, Women, Journalists and  Lawyers
Lift all draconian ordinances - respect all norms of rule of law

Participating groups :

Nepalese Consulting Committee
Seoul Kyuong Gi Inchon Migrant  Trade Union
Asia Pacific Workers Solidarity Link
Korea Human rights International Solidarity
Korean Confederation of Trade Union
Korean Street Vendors Confederation
Working Jesus Pastors group
Urban Industrial Mission YeongDeongPo
Korean labor Network Centre
Osan Migrant Workers Cultural Centre
Osan Dasom Church
Seoul Migrant Workers Cultural Centre
Myong suk Korea women's Trade union - Ulsan Branch
Christian Solidarity for Justice and Peace
Buddist Human Rights Committee
Korean Church Human Rights Centre(N C C K)
International Street Vendor Confederation
Korean Church Social Action Organisation
Christian institute for the study of justice and development
Peace Worker Mission Center ( bendel Church )
Gonan Together Community

Rev. Jang Chang Woen

Osan Migrant Workers Cultural Centre

네팔 민주화 운동 지지와 국제연대를 위한 국제 공동행동 기자회견

“네팔 가냔드라왕 폭압정치, 민중탄압 중단하고
  네팔 민주화운동을 지지한다, 민주정부 수립하라.“  

언제 : 2006년 2월 1일(수) 오전 11시  

장소 : 광화문 평화공원 - 외교통상부 앞

기자회견 순서

순서:   사회자 인사
       참가단체, 소개
       경과보고 -                          
       대표발언 -
       연대발언 -
       성명서 발표 -
       기자 질문 -대답
       외교통상부 - 항의서한 전달(영문, 한국어,  네팔어)
       일본주재 네팔대사관,
       네팔 한국명예영사관,

각국에 서신발송

참가단체 : 재한네팔인공동체(NCC) / 서울경기인천이주노동조합(MTU)/ 정의와 평화를위한기독인연대(CSJP) / 아시아태평양노동자연대 한국위원회(APWSL-K) / 국제민주연대(KHIS )/ 불교인권위원회(BHRC) /한국교회인권센터(KCHRC) /
전국민주노동조합총연맹(KCTU) / 전국노점상총연합(KOSC) / 국제노점상연합(IOSC)
일하는예수회(JWPG) / 고난과 함께하는(GTAC) / 한국기독교사회선교협의회(CISJD)
영등포산업선교회(YDPUIM) / 한국노동네트웍크협의회(LNSK) / 오산노동문화센터(OMCC) / 오산다솜교회(ODC) / 서울외국인이주노동자센터(SMWS)/ 국기독교사회문제연구원(KCSID)/ 평화일꾼 선교회(PWMC)(빈들교회) / 명숙(NWU-UB전국여성노조울산지부 지부장)

주관단체 :
아시아태평양노동자연대 한국위원회 / 주한네팔공동체 / 서울경기인천이주노동조합
Asia Pacific Workers Solidarity Link in Coewa/        Nepalese Consulting Committee Seoul Kyuong Gi Inchon Migrant  Trade Union