Dear Comrades,

Warm greetings From GEFONT, Nepal

At first we would like to congratulate the formation of Seoul.
Gyeinggi-Incheon Migrant Worker’s Trade Union (MTU).

We, from GEFONT, assure you about continuous support to migrant workers and
their struggle in Korea. We are close and cooperative to Nepalese Migrant
workers and their activities in Korea. Since, ETU-MB was built up in 2002,
we have been much closer with migrant workers of different countries.

Here we would like to rememorise the slogan of ‘Stop Crack Down & Forced
Deportation, Legalization of Non-registered Migrant Workers’, with which
the ETU-MB and Joint Committee started their dynamic struggle in 15th
December 2003 in Myong Dong Cathedral. And struggle continued strongly for
381 days as the historical struggle of migrant workers all over the world.

Now it is the fruit full result of Myong Dong Cathedral struggle, which had
formed the mass organization like MTU. We hope MTU will do its best to
organize the migrant workers of different countries working in Korea and
build good relation and solidarity with Korean workers hand in hand.

For the rights of Migrant workers, GEFONT will always stand in support of
MTU. We extend our best wishes for the success and progress of MTU to
develop as a dynamic union for the migrant workers.

With best regards

Samar Thapa

Migrant Desk  - GEFONT, Nepal