Today June 17, 2007 the Prosperous Peaceful Party in the Republic of Korea has made a special actions to cut the hair of their members before the Immigration Police of Korea will arrested them between July 1 to July 31, 2007.

And since today there is no members of PARTAI DAMAI SEJAHTERA who carry a long hair anymore.

For that purpose the Korean people were very happy and they want to make a festival on Sunday the September 16, 2007 started 13:00, and the partisans should arrive infront of the Rail way station of ONYANG ONCHEON at that time, the train will depart from Yongsan Station in Seoul and a shuttle buses will carry all of them  from Onyang Oncheon Railway Station to a good flower garden for free of charge.

The Indonesian people from Tana Toraja, South Celebes will partisipate with a special Tana Toraja dance and the committee will provide with a Gospel Song singing competition, the winner will get a special award, that is why all partisipans are preparing from today on. It could be the other Indonesian people from the other islands will partisipate too. Other partisipans from the other country are welcomed

A Gospel singing competition will be done by the commitee too.

The local Television Broadcaster will partisipate at that moment, but any other journalists are heartly welcome to partisipate at that moment too.

Any other questions are waiting by:
Prosperous Peaceful Party (PARTAI DAMAI SEJAHTERA) via: