In September 2006 we will make a meeting for all Migrantworkers in Korea for 3 days, there are many traditionals foods to eat from each countries, till this date, the countries which have already registered are: China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, in case you intend to joint with us, please be so kind to phone Mrs. Ahn San Ae 010 3030 8462 in Korean or Chinese, she can give you an other telephone number in case she can not understand your language.

The meeting will be hold in Asan, you can go there with Subway line one till Cheonan, and than by bus to the Express Bus Terminal or Normal Bus Therminal, every 3rd Sunday, 14:00, that means the next meeting will be hold on July 16, 2006, we provide with a free hair cut for men and ladies, medical check up, and dentist check up for free of charge, Everybodies, regardless your nationalities or your religions are welcome to be our great families.

Asan Sarang Nanum