Since the Korean government began the intensified crackdown on October 12th, the immigration raid has been taking place almost everyday. In the process of raid, the immigration has committed violence that severely compromises migrants’ human rights.

For example, in Kimhae, a Chinese migrant fell off and broke his right ankle while escaping from the immigration. In Pusan, a documented worker was mistakenly arrested and released later. The immigration even raided a Nepalese restaurant without the owner’s permission in Dongdaemoon and entered into people’s houses in Northern Seoul by masking themselves as employers of a gas company. These kinds of incidents are everywhere.

The immigration is committing illegal crackdown by intruding into factories, houses, dormitories, and restaurants without owners’ permission or awarrant. To counter these violent, irrationalacts, people are resisting everywhere. InSeoul,MTU—with collaboration with KCTU — launched “protectors of migrant workers’rights” and is  organizing rallies once everyother week on the street and once a month in front of the immigration. Kyung-Ki migrants’ committee is having a protest in front of Suwon immigration every Wednesday. In Daegue, activists set up a tent in front of the immigration and have been demonstrating the sit-ins  since October 21st. Press conferences in front of immigration, one person  demonstration, and other protests continue in Pusan. A press conference on crackdown also took place in front of Incheon immigration center. We are expecting a mass protest on December 13th, the international migrants’ day. Even though our situation is tough, let’s unite and stop the intensified crackdown—the human hunt!