Good news to everybody,

14th.June 2006, Wednesday, 13:30  Room 203 Mr. Shin Woo Shig Hp. 018 614 1969 Won Kang University, Technology Innovation Center, Professor, 344 - 2 Shinyong-dong, Iksan, Jeonbuk, 570 - 749 will be judged by the South Seoul Court at Taereng, line 6, he has violated many problems with the Migrantworkers, smuggling the Diamons, laundering the money etc. His Handphone is not able to be contacted on day time, just after 9 pm.

Please come to the South Seoul Court 14th. June 2006. Wednesday 1:30 pm at Room 203 to see how the Court judged him according to the International laws, and support all friends of us, thanks.