1st Multilingual Migrant Workers News

Hello . Migrant Worker TV is produced by migrant workers living and working in Korea. Starting today we'll be bringing you "Multilingual Migrant Workers News" in Nepali, Mongolian, Bengali, Burmese, and English.

"Multilingual Migrant Worker News" is broadcast every two weeks, and you can also tune in to Migrant Worker News online. Stay tuned to learn more about the news and current trends in Korean society. These days have become especially difficult with the current crackdowns on undocumented workers. We'll keep you abreast of the latest information relevant to you.

We hope to become your information source for what is going on currently in Korea.

I'm Nevin Domer from the U.S. and this is the news in English.

Our top news story is about independence day in Korea. More than a half century ago on August 15, Korea became independent from Japanese occupation. On that day in 1948, the government of the Republic of Korea was established. Since then Korea has celebrated independence day, which is called 광복절 in Korean. Literally, "광복" means restoring light, a metaphor for regaining national sovereignty.

As a way of commemorating the day, each year the Korean government pardons a select number of people. Generally people are pardoned for crimes related to 3 types of cases: crimes committed out of economic hardship, national security law offenders, and political crimes. This time around, crimes due to economic hardship and bankruptcy cases are expected to be prioritized. 4 million people are predicted to be pardoned.

Unfortunately pardons are not being considered in the cases of detained undocumented migrant workers.

Coming up in a few weeks, on August 20, Migrant Worker TV will have a story about pardons for undocumented workers.

In related news. Starting July 22nd, the Ministry of Justice began issuing official documents related to migrant workers through the internet. Documents included are alien registration, immigration documentation, and residence reports. To access these forms, just go to the ministry's website. Any service charges can be paid by credit card or cell phone.

To receive a Public Security certificate, which is required to get any documents from the internet, you first need to obtain a foreigner identification card and then apply for the certificate at your bank.

Next, news from the Ministries of Labor and Justice.

While the government crackdowns and the stagnant economy in Korea has brought about a decrease in the number of total migrant workers, the percentage of undocumented migrants again has surpassed 50 percent of the total population for the first time since 2003, when the government legalized new comers.

According to the Ministry of Justice, about 90,000 undocumented foreigners, which is 5 times more than last year, have left the country; while 23,432 became detained, 35,844 left voluntarily, and 30,752 left before their visa expired.

Although,the Ministry of Justice is hoping to reduce the illegal migrant population down to 160,000, the undocumented migrant population? is expected to continue to grow.

Our next story deals with the recent demonstrations on July 17. 200 migrant workers, two national trade union confederations, the Democratic Labor party, JCMK [Joint Committee for Migrant Workers Korea] and many other NGOs held protests against the government's violation of human rights towards undocumented migrants.

They rallied against the government crackdowns against illegal workers as well as the industrial trainee system. They also worked to gain support for 3 main issues:
(1) the legalization of undocumented workers,
(2) the release of MTU, Migrant Trade Union, chairperson, Mr. Anwar Hussein,
(3) the 3 labor rights for migrant workers, which are
a) suspension of deportations
b) abolishing the industrial trainee system
c) legalizing undocumented workers.

The Conference on Human Rights of Migrant Workers, organized by 34 human rights organizations nation wide, was held on July 26.

The conference concluded with a statement calling for an amendment to the immigration law which currently legitimizes human rights violations toward migrant workers.

A Nepalese worker who had come to Korea with a trainee visa was found dead near his factory dormitory in Changwon, Southern Kyungsan Province.

31 year old Santosh Dhakal, who had been in Korea for a year and a half, was found dead and bleeding, hidden in a garden next to his dormitory. While the police are treating the case as a suicide, the family of the deceased and the Kyongnam Migrant Workers Center are demanding further investigation.

The deceased is said to have his parents, wife and two children back in Nepal.

The brother of the deceased, who is also working in Korea, began a one-man protest against the Dhakal's company for their uncooperative attitude and urged them to commit to? a more thorough investigation.

In other sad news, two female Vietnamese migrants were seriously injured when they threw themselves from their second floor home in order to avoid a police raid. The injured women were immediately sent to a detention center without receiving any medical treatment, which again raised concerns of human rights violations.

In response to this, the immigration office stated that the guarantee of a sponsor as well as 3 million won were required to secure a temporary release.

Representatives for this case made a public statement, criticizing the immigration office for their handling of the case, as well as urging them to take responsibility for the two women's condition and covering their medical costs. However, the Busan immigration office has refused these demands.

Police have caught 3 industrial trainees who broke into a number of houses and stole $70,000 worth of cash and jewelry, while nobody was home.

Police officials in Kyungju, Northern Kyungsan province, reported that they had arrested 3 men including Mr. Ha, a Chinese industrial trainee and a Mr. Si-gyo, an illegal resident. The 3 were suspected of breaking into around 30 different homes in the Kyungju, Masan and Changwon area. After forcing entry through the front door of apartments, a total of 70 million won worth in cash and jewelry was stolen.

Police investigators discovered two of the suspects when they failed to report to work.

And now, let's go to international news.

First, news from India.

Indian authorities say that more than 20 million lives have been disrupted by the heavy monsoon rains in India's Maharashtra state as of Wednesday, July 27. Rain induced landslides and the collapse of buildings have led to an increasing number of casualties.

Officials reported that within Mumbai, the financial center and state capital, 88 people have died; while neighboring districts saw flooding, landslides and collapsing buildings which resulted in 157 deaths.

Within the first two days, some 200 people had died, with more presumed to follow. Authorities warn that the death toll could surpass 1000.

Local weather authorities in Mumbai stated that the July 27 rainfall of more than 940 mm/37 inches was the heaviest recorded in India's history. Outside of Mumbai, more rain is expected and more damage is predicted.

Meanwhile, according to the Indian Secretary of Internal Affairs, India has seen 633 casualties in the last two months due to heavy rains.

Next up, we have news from London, England.

Four suspects have been taken into custody following arrests in connection with the attempted July 21 transit bombings in London.

Last Wednesday, July 27, British police started rounding up suspects, starting with Somalian Yasin Hassan Omar. This past Saturday, July 30, Muktar Said Ibrahim and Ramzi Rohammed were apprehended in West London, while Osman Hussein was arrested in Rome.

And now for Korean regional news.

Incheon City water rates will be going up an average of 8.1% starting this September.

This past July 18, Incheon city officials announced a decision to raise water rates to a more realistic level that reflects current prices. Household water usage of 20 square meters would see a price jump of 11.4%, from 7,000 to 7,800 won. Business water usage of 200 square meter would increase from 110,000 to 132,000 won. And bathhouse usage of 3,500 square meters would go up from 2,115,000 to 2,305,000 won. However, commercial water usage of 200 square meters saw a decline of 2%, from 200,000 won down to 196,000 won.

City officials stated that the decision to raise water prices is an effort to try to deter the tendency to waste water, particularly at home and in the bathhouse.

In Kyunggi-do, as of last Wednesday, preparations are being made to provide services to migrant workers and foreign students. In Suwon, 아주대 hospital and Saint Mary Hospital in 의정부 will be responsible for assisting foreigners. Each hospital will have 3 nurses available 24 hours to provide information and translation services at the hospital.

Additionly, free Korean language classes will be established at local universities forany foreigners living in Kyunggi-do who are experiencing difficulty with Korean language. Public officials proficient in foreign languages will also be assigned to each city. A host family program will also be set up to help connect and establish relations between local residents and foreigners new to a particular area.

Plans are underway to establish a Foreigner Support Center [the 외국인종합지원센터] near Suwon station, an area highly concentrated with foreigners. The Support Center will provide support for various needs such as locating work for spouses and finding a house. Foreigner support organizations and institutions in Kyunggi-do will collaborated to create a guidebook for living in Korea to be distributed.

And that's all for Multi-lingual Migrant Worker News. Multilingual Migrant Worker News is broadcast every other week. You can also watch the news on our website at . We hope you'll tune in.

We'll see you again in 2 weeks. Until then, good bye.

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'다국어 이주노동자뉴스'를 기대해 주십시오.

7월 16일에 MWTV의 새로운 프로그램 <다국어 이주노동자뉴스>의 시험 녹화를 했습니다. 그동안 준비하면서, 여러가지 문제들을 하나하나 풀어가는 과정 속에서 시험녹화가 꼭 필요하다는 데에 의견의 일치를 보고 진행했습니다.
그런데 막상 시험 녹화를 해보니 서로에게 놀라고 감탄 연발이었습니다. 카메라 앞에 앉은 각 아나운서들... 이미 <이주노동자의 세상>을 통해서 방송 경험이 생긴 마붑님, 뚜라님 외에는 모두들 처음이었는데도 조금도 어색하지 않고 당당한 태도로 성심을 다하여 보도하는 모습에 서로 반할 지경이었습니다.^^
기대해 주세요. 7월 말에 첫 방송을 내보낼 예정이었지만, 더 철저한 준비를 거쳐서 8월 초에 첫 방송이 나가게 될 것 같습니다. coming soon~

p.s. <다국어 이주노동자뉴스>의 아나운서들... '이미지 자료실'에 들어가시면 보실 수 있습니다.

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What is the aim of MWTV?

네팔, 방글라데시, 몽골, 독일, 버마 그리고 중국 등에서 온 이주노동자들이 한국인 동료들과 합심하여 첫 이주노동자의 방송(MWTV)을 준비, 4월 16일 드디어 첫 방송을 내보내게 되었습니다.

이주노동자의 방송이 하고자 하는 일은?
무엇보다 한국 시청자에게 이주노동자들의 일상생활의 참모습을 보여주고자 합니다. 우리의 삶과 작업환경이 어떤지, 우리가 어떻게 정부의 인간사냥과 추방정책을 견뎌내고 있는지, 그리고 미래의 정의로운 사회를 향한 우리의 꿈을 이야기하게 될 것입니다.

또 다른 목적은 소외되고 억압받는 한국의 노동자 그룹과 상황을 함께 나누고자 합니다. 우리는 연대를 통해서만이 보다 나은, 정의사회를 구현할 수 있다는 것을 보여주고자 합니다.

마지막으로 우리는 한국의 이주노동자들이 보다 강력한 자신의 소리를 낼 수 있게 하고자 합니다.

여러분이 할 수 있는 일은?
l 우선 저희 프로그램을 보십시오!
l 프로그램에 관한 좋은 말씀과 조언을 부탁합니다.
l 알리고 싶은 이야기가 있거나 도움을 주시고자 하는 경우, 저희에게 알려주시기 바랍니다. 아래 연락처나 저희 홈페이지( )의 자유게시판에 편하게 글을 남겨 주시기 바랍니다.

* 다양한 이주노동자 국가의 언어로 진행하는 주간 뉴스도 준비 중입니다.

정규방송: 매주 셋째 토요일 오후 10:00
시민방송 RTV, SkyLife channel 154
전화: 02-6366-0621
팩스: 02-6366-0599



We, migrant workers from Nepal, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Germany, Burma and China, in cooperation with Korean colleagues were preparing the first broadcasting of MWTV. On April 16 we went the first time on air.

What is the aim of MWTV?
First of all to show the Korean audience the reality in the daily life of migrant workers - how are our living and working conditions, how we are suffering by the government’s policy of human hunt and deportation, but also our dream of a justice society in the future.
Another aim is to bring together our situation with the situation of marginalized Korean groups and oppressed Korean workers. We want to show, that only in solidarity we can achieve a better, justice world.
Finally we just want to give migrant workers in S. Korea a strong public voice!

What you can do?
* First of all, WATCH our program!
* Give us feedbacks what you like in our program, or tell us, what we can make better.
* If you think to have a story, we should report about it, please let us know! On our home page is a freeboard - please write there.

The Regular TV Show :Every month 3rd Saturday 10pm.
Also we have the plan to make a weekly Migrant Worker's News program in the major languages spoken by migrant Workers in Korea.

on RTV, SkyLife, channel 154
Phone: 02-6366-0621, Fax: 02-6366-0599, Mobile: 010-7759-5952

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